Oceans Bounty: The Marine Gift of Long & Healthy Life

We all want the precious gift of good health to go on for decades and decades, don’t we!

We all want to someday cross the ‘hundred candles on the cake’ milestone, turn centurions and still be active at life, work and play, don’t we!

We all want our skin to stay supple, our organs and systems to work smoothly and our age become just a number rather than a factor in our life’s quality, don’t we!

Now with Oceans Bounty health supplement, all these hitherto tall wishes can come true easily. This is a near-miraculous nutritional supplement formula that has the phenomenal rejuvenating power of fucoidan, an unbelievably powerful and totally natural super nutrient that’s found only in select marine plants and for this reason, has always been missing from the regular American diet whose quality has in any case been dropping lower and lower due to over-fertilized soil low in nutrients and high in pesticide chemicals.

After years of malnutrition and worse, is it any surprise that most of us are in the snares of some health disorder or the other by our 30s or 40s. As years melt into decades, our bodies decay faster and faster and we become old and infirm. Following the dictum of ‘prevention is better than cure’, don’t we wish there were a magic potion to prevent health disorders from attacking us! Or even better, a magic potion to not only prevent diseases but also for repairing regular wear and tear of organs and reversing all age rated slowdowns!

The good news is that there is one such magic potion available. It is not a new breakthrough by any means. There is an actual place on this earth where innumerable generations of people have used this magic potion to stay fit and fine while aging in years. This place is Okinawa in north Japan, where there’s world’s highest density of centurions or people over hundred years of age. The Okinawans have no word for retirement in their lexicon as they rarely feel so incapable as to retire.

Till now the amazing long life spans and tremendous vitality levels of the Okinawans have been an enigma wrapped in a puzzle for the rest of the world struggling with aging and ailments. But now the scientists have discovered the key dietary ingredient and isolated the super nutrient named fucoidan in it that makes the Okinawans so long living and healthy. And that’s the super nutrient we have made available to you through this unique and one of its kind dietary supplement.

The dietary reason of the Okinawans’ good health is high quantity of brown sea weeds or brown sea alga, a family of marine plants that’s often referred to as a whole food. Some brown sea weeds very popular in Japanese cuisine are kelp and nori, there are many more as well. And the super nutrient that causes the Okinawan health miracle is fucoidan, a fully natural nutrient and one of the most powerful detoxifier anti-oxidants ever discovered.

The Japanese and the Polynesians consume brown sea weeds regularly as a part of their daily diet. However it is the Okinawans in particular who eat brown sea weeds in rich in fucoidan as a part of their diet and live the marvelously long and healthy lives that they do. Actually fucoidan is present in very few sea plants. Not even every brown seaweed can give you the power of fucoidan, you need to know the precise plant species rich in it as well. And then you need to harvest pristine quality fucoidan it from unpolluted waters as well.

Many call it the supreme secret of the seas that has come to light only recently but one whose amazing capacity to heal and regenerate has since been verified by nearly a thousand clinical and scientific researches.

Ocean Bounty brings the best of fucoidan-rich brown seaweeds extracts neatly packaged in an easy to take health supplement right to your doorstep to give you the health and the longevity benefits that have been the sole Okinawan preserve up till now.

Do you know that regular intake of fucoidan can bring about all the following desirable effects?

  • De-clog you arteries to give you stronger and healthier heart
  • Reduce your joint pains to barely discernible levels to make you walk, run, dance and jog with ease
  • Revitalize your brain, heart and liver to make life a breeze
  • Reverse diabetes and bring down internal inflammation
  • Reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels
  • Rejuvenate your body through stem cell activation
  • Reverse aging by up to 20 years

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Unbelievable but true nevertheless.

Let’s get to know Oceans Bounty’s miraculous health restoring and rejuvenating powers in detail.
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What’s Oceans Bounty

Oceans Bounty is a proprietary nutritional supplement formula whose primary ingredients are plants of marine origin i.e. sourced from the seas. It contains extracts from eight brown seaweeds particularly rich in essential nutrients. The chief active ingredient in Oceans Bounty is fucoidan which is found almost exclusively in select brown seaweeds. Oceans Bounty gives you nutrition of more than 70 essential nutrients, many of which are otherwise missing from the regular American diet heavy on land produce. As we have mentioned earlier, fucoidan is not available in any land produce, hence it is not available from our regular foods grown from the soil. In USA, the regular diet has zero fucoidan. Therefore your best source of this super power nutrient is through Oceans Bounty where we have put in the most pristine and potent fucoidan in optimal doses.
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How does fucoidan present in Oceans Bounty work

Fucoidan is a powerful marine bio-active nutrient found in brown seaweeds. In scientific terminology, fucoidan is classified as a ‘sulfated polysaccharide’. Made up of many important glyconutrients, fucoidan improves cellular function and inter-cellular communication, and therein lies the real secret of its near miraculous health giving properties. Fucoidan’s amazing powers literally compensate all the mineral deficiencies in your diet and activate the damaged cells, tissues and organs to heal themselves.

There are 857 studies on Fucoidan’s phenomenal health powers at PUBMED.gov, and many more are emerging with each passing week. One research shows that fucoidan contains same type of antibodies that the first week mother’s milk contains. Scientists and nutritionists have been raving over its unparalleled anti-oxidant and free radical neutralizing powers.

Indeed fucoidan is not a trend or a passing fad like many other botanicals that blaze regularly on the nutritional horizon and fizzle out after a while. Look at the Japanese and Polynesian cultures, look at Okinawans in particular and you will see the amazing power of fucoidan that has been proven traditionally over millennia. Do you know that Okinawans have 82% instances of cardiac disorders than people in USA do! In Okinawa, it is common to see septuagenarian, octogenarians and centurions working in the fields, riding bicycles and dancing at social events. Just think, with the power of fucoidan, you too can look forward to this kind of amazing life quality that will go on and on even during the so-called sunset years.

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How marine plants present in Oceans Bounty are more nutritious than land plants

Before we proceed further, let’s discover what makes marine plants a cut above the land plants in terms of nutrition. Marine plants are actually way more nutritious than land plants. Here are the reasons:

  • The sea is a mammoth nurturing environment with 92 essential minerals and plentiful micro and macro nutrients that submerged a sea weed can absorb fully without restrictions. As marine plants
  • Sea plants are not harvested before maturity and hence have maximum nutrition to offer.
  • Many nutrients (such as fucoidan) available in sea plants are not available in land produce at all.

Of course, just like land plants, not all sea plants are equal on the nutrients scale. For example, red and green algae have zero fucoidan. Even among the 2000+ brown sea weed species, fucoidan is present in appreciable quantities in only a few select varieties.

Modern science has classified these fucoidan-rich brown seaweeds as ‘whole foods’ that are defined as “Foods In Their Natural State – With All Of The Vitamins, Minerals And Other Nutrients Intact.”

As you can discern for yourself, by taking two capsules of Oceans Bounty, you add the concentrated and undiminished power of fucoidan rich brown sea weeds labeled as whole foods to your daily diet and reap all the health benefits that the Okinawans have been enjoying since millennia.
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How does Ocean Bounty help the body

Through its amazing blend of over 70 potent anti-oxidants and nutrients, most prominent of which is fucoidan, Oceans Bounty has a synergistically positive effect on all your organ systems’ functions. Some of which are discussed below:

  • Nutritional supplementation action that fulfills all mineral and micro/ macro-nutrient shortcomings of your day-to-day diet.
  • Anti-inflammatory action which obstructs multiple inflammatory pathways to keep internal inflammations at bay.
  • Anti-viral, antifungal, anti-bacterial action which destructs attacks of germs that would otherwise bring in infections and weaken the body.
  • Immunity booster support which strengthens body’s internal defenses and keeps both infections as well as auto-immune disorders away.
  • Blood purifier action which busts unwanted free radicals and toxins and sends them packing out of the body.
  • Anti- cholesterol action that reduce triglycerides and lowers bad cholesterol by boosting enzymatic activity for fatty acids’ metabolism in the liver.
  • Endocrinal support action by helping hormone secreting glands such as thyroid and adrenals. As endocrinal health improves, glands gain balance and secrete optimal amounts of hormones, which in turn, means over all smoother and better body functioning.
  • Cardiac protection powers by keeping blood thin, discouraging blood clot formation and reducing arteriosclerosis to ensure clean and healthy arteries.
  • Cell rejuvenation action through promoting stem cell generation and activation to help the body regenerate its lost tissues and repair organ damage. Please note that stem cells are master cells inside the body which have the potential to become any of the 220 super specialized cell types inside the body. These stem cells are called ‘Master Cells’ and are heralded as the corner stone of regenerative medicine that’s still in its infancy but advancing more and more with each passing year.
  • Anti-stress action through better functioning of adrenal glands that are closely linked to body’s ‘fight or flight’ response to stressors. Fucoidan helps your body recover from undesirable effects of chronic stress.
  • Anti-obesity action through improving intestinal environment, boosting digestion and metabolism.
  • Anti-carcinogenic action that busts cancerous cells and neutralizes harmful free radicals and checks their spread inside the body.
  • Anti-diabetes action that reverses raised blood glucose levels.

The good things don’t stop here. Actually this is just the beginning of good times and good health. A consistent Oceans Bounty habit actually makes you a rejuvenated and renewed person whose age number is just that, a number.
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Scientific studies backing super powers of fucoidan, the key active ingredient in Oceans Bounty

As Okinawans’ long and healthy life has been a tantalizing riddle, scientific research has always sought to zero in on its possible reasons. Ever since fucoidan was first discovered, there have been almost a thousand scientific and clinical studies and researches that have been published in top medical journals such as Anticancer Research, Infection and Immunity, The British Journal of Pharmacology, Nutrition and Cancer, Developmental Biology, The Journal of Molecular, Immunology, Journal of Neuroimmunology, Antibiotics and Chemotherapy and The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. Every single research has authenticated Fucoidan’s phenomenal health benefits.

There are many researches going on across the world that are establishing bona fide of fucoidan as a unique and omni-potent super nutrient.

One recent research has recently brought to light the positive effects of fucoidan on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. As you must know already, along with killing cancerous cells, both chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause much havoc and damage in the body. Till now, this unintentional damage was taken as the collateral damage that was unavoidable in ridding the body of cancer. Well, regular intake of fucoidan by these people has revealed reversal and nullifying of many such damages. Of course, had these cancer struck people been on fucoidan since early on, they most likely would not have been hit by cancer at all!

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Health benefits of Oceans Bounty summarized

In a nut shell, these are the health benefits experienced by the Oceans Bounty user:

  • Your skin looks younger and so do you.
  • Your digestion and intestinal health improves.
  • Your sugar cravings disappear.
  • Your breathing becomes easier and fuller.
  • Your memory and recall become stronger.
  • You feel more energetic.
  • You lose extra weight and reduce flab around the mid-section.
  • Your joints, teeth, bones, cartilage and muscles become stronger.
  • Your no longer suffer from infections and/or allergies.
  • Your aches and pain disappear.
  • Your stamina rises and you are able to undertake more physical and mental work.
  • You feel ten to twenty years younger than your real age.

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What makes Oceans Bounty the best source of fucoidan

Oceans Bounty uses only and only pristine fucoidan and other nutrients harvested solely from unpolluted sources to ensure utmost purity and maximum potency.

As its makers are very quality conscious and ensure very authentically manufactured and 100% uncontaminated nutritional supplements, Oceans Bounty is produced and packaged in limited quantities batches and that too under strict quality controls and checks. For quality and potency maintenance reasons, it is not sold through stores or franchises. As a result, this product is available only and only through online order from its authorized website.
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Side effects, precautions and contraindications for Oceans Bounty

Oceans Bounty is an all-natural nutritional supplement that’s almost universally effective. Brown sea weeds have been a part of Japanese and Polynesian diet since millennia. These are quite their traditional ethnic foods and all things discovered about it are excellent ones. No undesirable side effects or contraindications have ever been reported in clinical studies either. However if you must, do follow the common precautions like with any other nutritional supplement:

  • Avoid if you are under-18 years of age
  • Avoid if you are pregnant
  • Avoid if you are lactating
  • Consult your doctor if you have any chronic allergies or are on any serious prescription medicines

The last is advisable as this is not an FDA approved supplement.
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How to get the best from your bottle of Oceans Bounty

For your convenience, this amazing dietary supplement comes neatly packaged in very easy to consume capsules. Take two capsules morning and evening on an empty stomach every day.

Within 72 hours, you will notice small positive changes. As days pass and you continue with you Oceans Bounty regimen, the small changes will become an overall big positive change in your health and quality of life. Your digestion will improve. The blood pressure counts will normalize. The blood sugar counts will drop within the healthy range. Breathing will feel easier. Infections and allergies will stop striking. Sleep quality will improve. Stamina will rise. In a few weeks’ time, you will feel ten to twenty years younger (and look it too).

Please remember that to function well, your body needs essential nutrients on daily basis. If you wish to reap full benefits, you need to take your dietary supplements on a regular basis.
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Oceans Bounty Users’ reviews

“ I heard about Oceans Bounty from a friend who sang its praises. Impressed I ordered a bottle on impulse. I am sure glad that I did so because in the three months that I have been on it, my health has been improving steadily. Wish I had begun sooner!’
– Holly Jameson, Connecticut

“Both my husband and I suffer from angina. We have tried many dietary supplements to boost our hearts’ strength. It is only with Oceans Bounty that we have finally seen the positive changes we were seeking.”
– Dominica de Silva, Texas
“I used to suffer from terrible joint pains in the knee and would walk holding a walking stick. A few weeks of fucoidan and I am actually cycling once again. Yippeee!”
– Tony Whitelands, Philadelphia

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How to order your own bottle of Oceans Bounty

As mentioned earlier, this product is produced and bottled in small batches to maintain its authenticity and potency, and to minimize shelf periods. For this reason precisely, it is not marketed through the conventional ‘sourcing to manufacturer to distributor to retailer to consumer’ sales channels, instead, it is available exclusively through its official website. It’s the wisest investment you will ever make into your and your family’s health.

To purchase your bottle of Oceans Bounty, visit their official website by clicking the orange “Try Oceans Bounty Today” button, place your order, make the payment and you will get the expedited shipping.

Please check the official website from time to time as the company sometimes brings out special offers for its loyal and frequent customers.
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Oceans Bounty is your best bet for stopping the age clock

Till now, aging and its associated decay has been a dreaded but inevitable fact of life. As years turn into decades, we undergo weakening of body, are struck by the onset of diseases and ultimately resign to the gradually diminishing quality of life. The activities that were once taken for granted by us become a thing of past.

Well, there is good news in bottle for the people of the world. Now aging can be delayed and its ill effects can be reversed. The anti-aging marvel named fucoidan has been identified, isolated and packaged in neat bottles to reach your doorstep, and give you the active and healthy life you had never expected to regain.

Oceans Bounty is the best way to ensure good health and long life. Its high quality brown seaweed extracts’ proprietary formula is rich in the super nutrient fucoidan that has amazing range of miraculous health boosting and rejuvenating properties. If brown seaweed is the seas’ gift to life, Oceans Bounty is its perfect serving being presented to you on a platter.

Order your bottle today, and see years fall away from your face, body and overall health.

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